The DKi team is a passionate group of artists who long to engineer the bridge between our clients and the target audience. Utilizing unique skill sets to create stunning imagery which is in turn used to showcase the essence of the clients message.

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Aerial Media


Utilizing some of the latest technology in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles commonly known as "Drones", the DKi is able to bring aerial angles to bring detail to what previous platforms could not display. Traditionally video production helicopters have brought overhead views but now the Dream Kinetics Aerial Video department can bring you within inches overhead of a subject. Creative new, and extremely fluid imagery can be obtained by unique multicopter footage due to the 3 axis gimbal attached to the 4K camera keeping it completely stable. This kind of cinematic aerial footage can showcase perfectly South Florida real estate property, new construction site flyovers, yachts for sale, live event productions, party rentals, live concerts, crossfit, car shows, surfing and many other places or events.

Helicopter(s) options also available.


Although most of the land on Earth has been traveled to, many have yet to see it's wonders. DKi sees the world differently and utilizes both traditional and new technology to capture the essence of each scene or situation and all of its captivating stimulation. Using all kinds of vehicles, ziplines, or whatever other creative means necessary to get the shot, Dream Kinetics will get down and dirty to get the job done.

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Unlike any other domain on the planet, the world submerged underwater is mesmerizing. Dream Kinetics can offer your audience an excitingly unique underwater perspective. Perfect for Fishing teams, Yachts, Real Estate, Hotel and Resorts, Waterparks, Feature Films.

Tile Fish Align Edited